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Mobility + strength


Eight weeks with the Mobility + Strength program = better swimming! Join in and become part of the gang that drives together online! 


Do you know that you SHOULD be training more mobility and strength but fail to prioritize it? YOU'RE NOT ALONE! Now we tackle it TOGETHER and the next start is November 21. If you feel limited in your swimming due to a lack of the above mentioned parts, there is a good chance that we can help you.  


This is how it works:

- after purchase you get a link to a private Instagram account - that's where most communication takes place 

- before each new week, you get six 1-minute videos, three with a focus on mobility and three with a focus on strength. Everything is swimming specific and we coach you through all the exercises.

- you get one swimming session to do per week, choose between three different levels or mix it up

- everything is flexible, choose when during the week it suits you to do the exercises

- a community where we work together for eight weeks, we get it done and become more flexible in the pool!! You are welcome to post  stories on your insta when you have completed your pass, and I will share in our group.  


You will need an exercise band, an Instagram account and a pair of dumbbells. That's it!


Here we go!

Book your place here before November 21!

Coach AK

Flygfoto över en pool
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